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Review of Kopi Ketje Jambi Cafe: Spacious, Comfortable, and Delicious Menu

There are many coffee shops in Jambi City, one of them is Kopi Ketje located in Kebun Handil area, Jelutung, Jambi, Indonesia.

The spacious venue was the first attraction for us to visit this cafe because the parking area is also spacious, so even though it is located on the side of the road, it won't be difficult to find a parking spot for motorcycles/cars.

It turns out that more than just the front appearance, the modern and artistic interior also captivated us.

There are three sections in this cafe: the front (indoor), the middle (outdoor), and the back (indoor). So we can choose according to our needs and comfort, whether smoking or non-smoking.

In the front of the cafe, there is also a display area for Kopi Ketje Jambi's signature cakes and snacks. This is also the place to order food and drinks.

There are many menu offerings ranging from snacks, heavy meals, various desserts, and various drinks, both coffee and non-coffee. We ordered cheesecake, ice cappuccino, and chicken risoles. The cheesecake was really delicious, the cake was soft and the cheese was very tasty. The price was 25k/slice. While the chicken risoles were also full of chicken and vegetables.

For the first impression on the selected menu, there was nothing disappointing.

The atmosphere in this cafe also feels comfortable and enjoyable, especially if we visit with our loved ones. It is perfect for long conversations.

Oh, there is also a children's playground area available here, so this cafe is family-friendly and can be a choice of family entertainment on weekends.

In addition, there is also a mosque facility, making it easier for Muslim people to hang out without neglecting their religious obligations.

Moreover, this cafe employs several disabled employees. Despite their disabilities, their service is still friendly and responsive to customers. It is really cool.

Kopi Ketje is actually a franchise, so it is not only available in Jambi but also in several cities in Sumatra such as Palembang and Lampung.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Kopi Ketje Jambi for those who are looking for a comfortable hangout place with delicious food and drinks at affordable prices in Jambi. Let's invite friends, colleagues, partners, and family to come here.

Address of Kopi Ketje Jambi:

Jl. DI Panjaitan No.11, Kel.Kebun Handil, Kec. Jelutung, RT 11, RW,11, Jambi City.

Instagram: @kopiketje.jambi

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