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Review Abadi Hotel & Convention Center Jambi [English Version]

Abadi Hotel & Convention Center Jambi

There are plenty of hotels in Jambi City that can cater to the needs of both the local folks and the tourists flocking to Jambi. One of them is the Abadi Hotel & Convention Center, located in the bustling Pasar Jambi area, just a quick 20 minutes ride from Jambi Airport.

But, hold up, let's clear something up first – there are actually two Abadi hotels: Abadi Hotel & Convention Center and Abadi Suite Hotel & Tower. The one that's been around longer is the Abadi Hotel & Convention Center, making it one of the OG hotels in Jambi.

On the other hand, Abadi Suite is in the same area, but it's more on the premium and luxury side compared to Abadi Convention Center.

Abadi Hotel & Convention Center Jambi

As the name suggests, one of the main draws of the Abadi Hotel & Convention Center is its multipurpose building, often used for grand celebrations like graduation ceremonies, wedding receptions, seminars, and other events.

Now, let's talk prices for the rooms at Abadi Hotel & Convention Center. They've got different types, starting with the Executive Standard rooms, ranging from Rp410,000 without breakfast to Rp470,000 with breakfast.

Moving on, there's the Executive Junior Suite, where you can crash for around Rp730,000 (breakfast included) in a 32m2 room. And if you're feeling fancy, check out the Executive Suite with a standard rate of 1.1 million rupiahs and a room size of 34m2.

Rooms generally come equipped with AC, TV, bathtub, WiFi, and a water heater for making coffee or tea.

Now, let's get real and give you our review of the rooms at Abadi Hotel & Convention Center. We stayed in the Executive Standard room, and as soon as we stepped in, the chill vibes hit us. The lighting and classic wooden ornaments gave the room a calming and peaceful feel.

Abadi Hotel & Convention Center Jambi

Sure, you can tell it's an older hotel from the room layout and furniture, but surprisingly, it wasn't grungy or creepy at all. Everything was clean and comfy.

Oh, and you'll love the bathroom – they've got a bathtub, which is a rare find at this price point in other hotels.

Here's another cool thing – usually, hotels don't provide extra pillows, but Abadi Hotel has got these "mini pillows." They may not be like the regular ones back home, but they're huggable enough for a good night's sleep.

The AC and WiFi worked like a charm, which is crucial for us to enjoy the room all day and night.

Now, let's check out the facilities at Abadi Hotel & Convention Center. The pool is a big hit, especially for families with kids. They've got a spacious pool area for both the little ones and the grown-ups, making it a fun spot for a family staycation.

Breakfast was on point too – though the restaurant wasn't huge, it didn't compromise on comfort. The food spread was diverse, from plain rice with various sides to fried rice, chicken porridge, Gado-Gado, and some desserts like bread, cakes, and pudding.

The hotel staff were friendly and attentive, which added to the overall comfort of our stay.

Abadi Hotel & Convention Center Jambi

If you wanna book a room at Abadi Hotel & Convention Center, you can do it through online travel agent apps like Traveloka or Tiket.com. Or, you can make reservations on their website abadihoteljambi.com or give them a call at 0852-1347-8800.

The address is Jl. Gatot Subroto No.92-98, Kel. Sungai Asam, Kec. Pasar Jambi, Kota Jambi, Jambi 36134.

So, if you're in Jambi and need a place to crash, consider checking out Abadi Hotel & Convention Center. It's got that old-school charm with modern comforts and some sweet facilities to make your stay worthwhile. Have a blast in Jambi!"

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